Product Highlights
Product Spotlights

Too big or complicated to show in a photo? Use video to explain your products & systems.

Facility Overviews

Facility Overviews

Provide a 360 view of your facility and systems projects.

Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonies

Let your customers do the talking. Explain your projects & services in their words.

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Get More from Your Marketing Efforts with Video

Social Media

Video can dramatically increase your online visibility and engagement. Highlight new products. Explain systems. Demonstrate facilities. Share personal messages.

Trade Shows

Demonstrate products and services too large to bring or too complex to explain on the show floor with video. In addition to grabbing attention, video can help keep people engaged when reps are busy.

Sales Presentations

Video can ensure message consistency across multiple sales territories. It can demonstrate large and complex systems. It can shorten sales cycles by reducing the need for customer tours and references.

Customer & Employee Training

Lower training costs and ensure consistency between customers and employees with video. For rapidly changing products we recommend live recordings such as webinars and live streams. For more mature or stable products, we recommend more polished video productions.


Thanks to high speed internet and 4G and 5G technology, videos are quickly replacing photos across the Internet. Videos easily communicate more information about a product in a shorter amount of time.


Customer Testimonies

Let your customers do the talking.


The Value

Customer testimonials quickly add rapport to your sales pitch. They can also simultaneously alleviate the burden on your customer references while shortening your sales cycles. Leads will feel more comfortable moving to the next stage, often opting to bypass calling references and conducting site visits.

Why Stratimar?

The short answer is we know how to ask the right questions. The result is a more impactful video, intelligently aimed at your target market. We'll consume way less of your time to produce a more effective video.


Facility Overviews

When you need more than photos to highlight your capabilities.

MEI Store
Nutrien Ag Reading, MI
Alliance Facility
Life of a Meter
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Product Spotlights
Product Demonstrations

Thoroughly and concisely explain how your product operates. Excite customers and qualify leads. Stratimar can help you translate your latest product features into quantifiable benefits.

Product Applications

Exhibit how your product is used in multiple scenarios. Or, visually present different product sizes and configurations in various applications. Stratimar can travel to customer sites or compile existing footage into a compelling video.

Marketing Content

Product spotlights videos are ideal for marketing content. They are effective for generating buzz on social media, creating engaging trade show displays, and holding visitor attention on your website.


Other Videos

Have a different B2B video project in mind? Stratimar can help!

Corporate Capabilities

Let the industry get to know you and your products and services better. Stratimar can help you tell your story in a creative and engaging way. We can highlight your competitive advantages without exposing trade secrets.

Training/Tutorial Videos

Multiply your efforts. Ensure consistency. Refresh training without wasting time. Stratimar can help you develop and produce professional how-to videos. Spend less time training and more time meeting customer needs.

Webinars & Live Streaming

Let prospects, leads and customers know about your latest products or releases. Is your product changing rapidly? Stratimar can facilitate professional webinars and/or live streams that can be recorded and made available on-demand.

And More!

Have a unique video idea? Stratimar has a high quality, agile video production setup along with the know-how to help make your vision a reality. Call us up, share your goals, and we can collaborate.


B2B is our Specialty

Stratimar doesn’t just produce visually appealing videos. We speak your language. We understand your goals. Our eyes are trained to see the nuances of your latest design.

Our experience working with other manufacturers, distributors, and developers allows us to produce quality videos with minimal disruption to your operations.